Client programs
The programs here are just a mirror of some things available at other sites. Continents makes no claims for any of the programs available here.

Zmud -- Zugg's Mud Client - 16 bit version (704,210) -- Won't run on NT, XP, or 2K

Zmud Tutorial -- Zmud Tutorial - written by Riley Dragon

Gmud -- Not as many features as Zmud but it will run on a winNT, XP, or 2K platform (232,520)

Genius -- Works more or less like Gmud but is more stable on WinXP and 2K -- doesn't crash when you open a new window, also functions as a standard telnet client (285,831)

MUSHclient -- Cerb's mud client of choice. Works on Windows 10 and older. Also friendly to the blind. This version includes the mushreader plugin. (6mb)

Many other telnet clients are located at and can be downloaded from tucows, some are free and some aren't.

Flash programs

Timer Project