Questions and Answers:
Q: Is Continents newbie friendly?
A: If you mean are there friendly, helpful people at Continents, well we like to think that we are. If you mean is it an easy place to play and make levels then no, Continents is not a place to visit if you don't wish to be challenged.
Q: I am completely new to mudding, what do I do to get started?
A: In that case, Continents may not be the best place for you to start, but several people have made Continents their first mud so you can do it too. First, go to the Character Creation page and decide what you are going to be at Continents. If you have problems deciding what class or race you should be, try Warrior as a primary class with whatever secondary class you would like, and the Human race. This combination is probably the least complicated to play. After you have created your character you will be standing in the entrance to mud school, read all the room descriptions and signs that you find, and follow the directions given.
Q: Do you have any suggestions or hints for a new player at Continents?
A: Yes, see the Hints and Suggestions page.
Q: What are the restrictions/limits on things like equipment levels, grouping, multiplaying and PK?
A: These questions are all answered on the Restrictions page.
Q: What is there to do after reaching max. level?
A: There are many options available. If one has amassed a sufficient quantity of money one may buy a store and live out retirement while operating a shop. Another is to remort and learn all the skills of a new class, while retaining all of the skills learned in prior classes. Yet another is to become a guildmaster and teach others the skills you have learned. A forth is to go through the clanmaster quest and become a clan chief. There are also various other imm positions that are sometimes available, such as: questmaster, fight promoter or player liason / mediator.
Q: What is max. mortal level, anyway?
A: Maximum mortal level is level 75.
Q: How is Role Play handled? Is it enforced, encouraged, supported?
A: Role play as is done on the "theater" or "play acting" type muds could be performed at Continents but that is up to the individual players involved.

Continents is an adventure type mud that requires players to interact with one another to survive and succeed. You need to get into that castle to get an item found only there, but there is an uncrossable moat? Hire a Wright to build a bridge for you. Oh, you are a Wright. In that case you will need to find and purchase materials for building the bridge from a Supplier.

Q: How does skill learning work?
A: Skill basics may be learned from a guildmaster. Guildmasters only teach their own skills, but anyone may enter any guildhall and inquire where a particular skill is taught. Once a sufficient skill level is reached, skills are improved through use.
Q: Does Continents have a privacy policy?
A: In a way we do, we feel that private and confidential things are, well, private and confidential. We do reserve the right to investigate or examine anything necessary to keep the mud operating properly or to assist people who are having difficulties, but this does NOT give us the right to divulge any private or confidential information obtained while doing this.

Let me quote "help snoop" for you. This explains how we operate fairly well:

Snoop is only available to the imms :) but this help has been made available to everyone so they may see our Snoop policy.

Snoop shows a copy of all the input and output going to a character. The character must have an open channel. Snoop may be used with more than one character at a time.

When Snoop is activated the character being Snooped is informed that someone is watching what happens to them. If e.g. Delila was complaining that Sampson was harrasing her. Please ask Delila if it would be all right for you to watch what is happening to her, and get an OK, before you switch on Snoop.

Snoop was modified so that those being snooped would get a message that they were being watched. If you want to snoop someone -- ask them first. If it is a problem on a public channel, then snoop doesn't need to be used. If it is a problem with harassment or abuse, snoop the one being annoyed. Snoop is NOT for your amusement or voyeuristic entertainment.

Snoop yourself to cancel all outstanding snoops. Those being watched will get a message that they are no longer under observation.