A salty old sailor meets you at the gate and says, "Welcome young one, visitors are becoming frequent these days. I would like to share with you a story about a far away land that I once sailed. The name was Continents and the journey was perilous, if not for the help of my hearty crew I would have been lost, but let me ask you what type of player would you be?"

Continents is an adventure type mud with a medieval/fantasy theme. It is possible to bull ahead with a simple hack and slash approach, only buying food from mob storekeepers, but the real beauty of Continents is in the interconnectedness of the player classes. The classes, as a whole, are entirely self supporting. Every tool, weapon, piece of armor, container, or boat is producible by players, with no mob input.

"So you say you are a Smith?" To forge a bronze mace: A supplier must scour the lands collecting copper and tin ore, melt them into ingots, and sell these ingots to an alchemist who alloys the raw materials into bronze, which a smith then buys and uses to forge the mace.

"Construction is your thing?" Building houses is another complex task. A supplier searches the world for suitable trees for logging, fells them and saws the logs into planks, which are sold to a Wright. The Wright then can, after he has also purchased a hammer, some nails, and other building supplies from a smith, build a house on a suitable plot of land.

"Oh, a warrior you be?" There is no xp gained for killing mobs. As you use skills or battle creatures, you gain xp. If you fight a mob, you gain xp during the entire battle for using your skills to overcome your enemy.

"You are a Trader?" After practicing the required skills, you can sit in the safety of town and happily craft many items to sell to other players.

"You are an Adventurer and you love to explore?" You will find that Continents is a large world, featuring several oceans, six different continents, and over 100 distinct areas to explore. There are areas in place for the brand new beginner, and for the experienced, I-have-seen-everything character. The world is also a true globe. You can start heading west on the ocean and eventually you will return to the same spot, providing wind or water currents haven't blown you off course, and you haven't run into a land mass along the way.

The more skills you have, and the wider the network of people you interact with, the more effective a gamer you will be. If you desire to only run around and slay mobs, and don't like interacting with other players, go play a video game.

Some of the areas are stock, but many are exclusive to Continents. None of the stock areas are original, they have all been resequenced, restructured, and reconnected to fit in properly with the surrounding landscape and Continents theme. If you have an unreasonable hatred of stock areas, Continents isn't for you.

Mind you young one, Continents is not an 'easy' mud. If you simply wish to sit in the same spot and level quickly, go elsewhere. If you want to have fun and enjoy the satisfaction gained from working with friends to explore a new area, or to create something, then Continents is the place for you.

"Beware my young friend, for the Continents are not for the faint at heart, a lot of men made the journey, but alas a lot of them died. I think you should read this." The old man hands you a piece of leather parchment that crumbles in your hand. As you look up you realize the old man is gone, and you are left with this strange desire to know more.