Warrior: skill list
The Warrior class is the most basic fighting class available. Their battle training along with high strength and high hit points make them very formidable in hand to hand combat. Warriors train in the art of multiple attacks. Some master the art of a second attack and if experienced enough, master a third attack. Along with this training in multiple attacks, a Warrior is trained in making each hit count, enhanced damage is available to the learned. Toward the defense side of the Warrior, skills of parry, rescue and engage allow the Warrior to ward off attacks, rush to the aid of fellow comrades, and choose which of a group of attackers they will fight.
Thief: skill list
The Thief class can be characterized as a Warrior who dropped out of school to pursue more "profitable" means of living. These wiry persons have physical endurance slightly less than that of a Warrior but are much more agile. Whereas a Warrior uses well placed weapon slashes, a Thief seeks to disarm his opponent. Thieves also excel in the art of stealth. An unwary opponent might not detect a Thief until a backstab is attempted. To achieve success in this, the skills sneak and hide are learned. Thieves are the spies of the world, and as such have skills such as being able to gather infomation on others through the 'grape vine'. Thieves have no need for registering. They may PKill or be PKilled. They may psteal or be pstolen.
Cleric: skill list
The Cleric class is a 'spellcasting' class devoted primarily toward defense. A deity gives the Cleric spells in the curing, warding, and protection divinities. Clerics much prefer to be civil servants to society or doctors to their comrades in arms, but they fare rather well in the art of combat.
Mage: skill list
The Mage class is a 'spellcasting' class devoted primarily toward control over the elements. The universe contains an unmeasured power that the Mage taps into to influence the world. Mage spells are devoted to the invoking, hermetic, and combative nature. Mages don't fare quite as well as their Cleric counterparts in hand-to-hand combat and they much prefer to stand back and roast their enemies with a fireball.
Paladin: skill list
Paladins are fighters who have taken up a religious cause, whether it be good or evil. Paladins have many of the same skills as Warriors and some that are enjoyed by Clerics plus a few that are unique to themselves. Paladins are valuable for their ability to find corpses, and being able to retrieve them with less effort than others would need to use.
Ranger: skill list
The Ranger is a fairly self-sufficient person who prefers to live in the wild with the company of animals rather than in towns or cities. Rangers are skilled in finding food where there appears to be none, in taming animals, and in making simple clothing and other articles from animal hides. Rangers make good scouts since they generally are able to see much farther than others (a skill gained by living in wide open places), and because they are difficult to detect if they don't wish to be found. They have the ability to camouflage themselves with a minimum of cover.
Ninja: skill list
Ninjas are the assassins of the world. They are learned in many ways of doing damage to others. Included in these are the ability to fight well without using weapons, and being able to poison food and water. Ninjas don't like to be burdened with any kind of armor as it slows down their movements. Ninjas have no need for registering. They may PKill or be PKilled. They may psteal or be pstolen.
Supplier: skill list
The Supplier is the first link in the business chain. They are the wholesalers of the world. They find and collect the ingredients and materials others need to perform their jobs.
Wright: skill list
The Wrights are the builders of the world. They make things like chests, boats ships, houses, and bridges. If it can be made from wood, a Wright can construct it for you.
Smith: skill list
The Smith is a person who has learned to work with metal. A Smith can fashion weapons, armor, and tools from lumps of metal.
Traveler: skill list
The Traveler is one who is struck by wanderlust. They have many skills that are handy for getting from one place to another. They can make their way across oceans, deserts or swamps without being disrupted by currents, storms, lack of a path or other natural barriers that would hinder others. Travelers can make, read and follow maps.
Alchemist/Cook: skill list
The Alchemist/Cook is the maker of food, potions, poisons and all manner of things that require long recipes, mixing or stirring, and cooking.
Trader: skill list
The trader is the ultimate business person. They have little interest in fighting and have devoted their lives to learning how to generate profit by making things and then selling them. However traders do need to know how to defend themselves and go through the same initial training as everyone else, and they may need to venture into the world to find the things they need. They will get much of their xp from fighting, even though that is not their primary interest.

Because of their lack of interest in the fighting skills traders are immune to many types of offensive magic. They just don't believe in it. But if they get too near a dragon or a pool of acid they will become toast or jelly just as fast as anyone else.

When traders venture out into the world they will most likely want to hire an escort to protect them. They are happy sitting in their shop talking to customers and are not in it for the adventure, but the profit. They will likely level more slowly and not have all the excitement of the other classes, and will probably be the richest of all and take over the mud in the end.