Clan Leader:

	   1. Write and get for approval a "clan plan" stating the
	      clan theme or purpose for existence.  This can be as simple
	      as "to unite all Drow in the world" accepting only Drows as
	      members, or a complex document depending on how the Clan
	      Master has envisioned the clan.

	   2. Complete a Quest for Leadership.
	      (this quest is available to Champions only)

Clan Chief:

	   1. Clan has a minimum of 5 members.

	   2. Complete an area which is open to all players (public area).
	      Can be a new area or addition to an existing area.
	      (minimum of 50 rooms)

	   3. Serve as a Clan Leader for a minimum of 100 hours.

Castle Captain:

	   1. Clan has a minimum of 15 members.

	   2. Complete a clan area (the clan castle, fortress, or citadel).
	      (minimum of 75 rooms)

	   3. Serve as a Clan Chief for a minimum of 300 hours.

City Commander:

           1. Clan has a minimum of 30 members.

           2. Complete a clan city (public) area.
              (minimum of 150 rooms)

           3. Serve as a Castle Captain for a minimum of 300 hours.


Clan Master:         The Clan Masters sit back at the HQ and make the big
                     decisions about their clan.  They set policy, goals, etc.
                     They are a part of the Mud Staff and work together with
                     the other Staff, Imms and Imps to be sure the mud is headed 
                     in the right direction and running smoothly.  They work with
                     other Clan Masters to plan inter-clan activities. Their job
                     is to implement clan policies, keep the clan running smoothly, 
                     and assist in keeping the mud running smoothly by keeping 
                     their own clan members in line.There is only one Master 
                     per clan.

Second in Command:   Fills in for the Clan Master when the Clan Master is not
                     available.  Assists in keeping the clan running smoothly.
                     There is only one Second in Command.

Third in Command:    Assists the Second in Command.  Takes command when neither
                     the Clan Master nor the Second in Command are available.
                     A clan can have one Third per every 5 members.

Ombudsman:           Hears concerns and requests of the clan's members.  Addresses
                     community issues with the guidance of senior leaders.  May
                     head a citizen's committee and lead meetings.

Healer:              Oversees the health of the members.

Armorer:             Responsible for making armor for the clan.  Can personalize armor.
                     It is not their job to gather or store non-clan equipment.  It  is
                     each members responsiblility to find their own non-clan equipment.

Treasurer:           Has access to the clan's bank.  Oversees allocation of clan funds.

Quest Master:        Develops quests for clan members or prospective members.

Alchemist:           Makes clan recall potions.

Recruiter:           Promotes the clan to potential members.

Members:             Has passed the membership trial period.

Recruits:            Has been accepted to the clan, but still in trial period.
                     (A player must be level 16 to join a clan.)


Initially, a newly formed clan would be nomadic, more of a tribe, with
four or five members run by a Clan Leader.  As the clan grows and members
are added, the Clan Leader could progress to Clan Chief and start to fill 
in some of the clan job slots (see Clan Jobs above) and begin to form the 
infrastructure of the clan.

Positions of leadership may or may not be an actual clan job which gives
more clan commands.  Some positions may simply have authority given by the
leadership.  The following are examples of a possible clan structures
once they reach a sizeable number:

                       A MILITARY FOCUSED CLAN

General:               Clan Master

Colonel:               Second in Command

Majors:                Third in Command

Lieutenants:           QuestMaster, Recruiter, or Armorer

Sergeants/Privates:    Member

Recruits:              Members still in a trial membership period.

                         A MEDEIVAL GOVERNMENT

The King or Queen:     Clan Master

The Prince Regent      Second in Command
or Princess Regent:

The Duke or            Third in Command

Knights:               QuestMaster and Recruiters

Bishop:                Healer

Chancellor:            Treasurer

Alchemist:             Alchemist

Armorer:               Armorer

Magistrate:            Ombudsman

Citizens:              Members

Recruits:              Members still in a trial membership period.

                            CLAN COMMANDS

  COMMAND                   DESCRIPTION                             ENABLED TO
  clist      Displays information about existing clans in           Anyone

  crequest   Request membership in a clan                           Anyone
             (level 16 and up)

  cwithdraw (rescinds request)                                      Anyone

  ccommands   Displays a list of the clan commands enabled.         All Members
                                                                    (self only)

  cmember     Lists everyone that is currently a clan member,       All Members
              whether signed on or not and also shows when the 
              exile period will end for clan outcasts.

              This command can also show the Clan Master some 
              additional information such as the last login
              time of the members.

  cwho        Shows a list of all members who are currently         All Members
              signed on.

  ctell       Send a message to everyone in the clan that is        All Members
              signed on.

  crecall     Allows members to recall to clan area.                All Members
              (not available to recruits)

  cbank       Allows members to see the current clan bank           All Members
              balance or make a deposit.

  cwithdraw   Withdraw from the clan and go into exile.             All Members

  caccept     Accepts a character as a member of the clan.          Clan Leader
              Can be set to auto accept as well.  Example:          2nd in command
              If a clan's criteria for accepting a new              3rd in command
              member is that they be a Drow, all Drow's             Clan Quest Master
              will be accepted automatically upon crequest.         Clan Recruiter

  creject     Rejects an application for membership.                Clan Leader
              As with caccept, this command can be set to           2nd in command
              auto reject applicants who do not meet a              3rd in command
              certain criteria.  Example: If a clan does            Clan Quest Master
              not wish to have any evil members, a crequest         Clan Recruiter
              from a player with an evil alignment would be
              automatically refused.
              Note: all crequests from players under level
              sixteen will always be automatically rejected.

  csash       Creates a clan sash.                                  Clan Leader
                                                                    2nd in command
                                                                    3rd in command
                                                                    Clan Quest Master
                                                                    Clan Recruiter

  clogo       Personalizes equipment, weapons, objects by           Clan Leader
              adding a Clan Logo, to the object's short             2nd in command
              and long descriptions.                                Clan Quest Master
                                                                    Clan Armorer

  cleadtalk   This is a communication channel available to          Clan Leader
              clan masters and their clan leaders.                  2nd in command
                                                                    3rd in command

  cwhere      Shows the location of all currently logged in         Clan Leader
              members.                                              2nd in command
                                                                    3rd in command

  cbank       Allows all clan bank functions.                       Clan Leader
                                                                    2nd in command
                                                                    Clan Treasurer

  cboot       Kicks a member out of the clan.  The member           Clan Leader
              then becomes a clan outcast and will be placed        2nd in command
              into exile.  Outcasts will not be allowed to join 
              another clan for a period of time.

  ctax        Sets the amount of clan tax charged to members.       Clan Leader
                                                                    Clan Treasurer

  ccommands   Displays a list of the clan commands enabled.         Clan Leader
              (for any member)                                      2nd in command

  cgoto       Allows a Leader to goto a clan member.  This          Clan Leader
              is used to keep order in the clan, to allow           2nd in command
              the Leader to get to trouble spots quickly and
              straighten things out.  Not to be used to keep
              the Leader running around helping people out
              because they ran out of mana, met a tough mob,
              or are being pkilled.  That isn't the Clan
              Leader's job. This command is also available to 
              Seconds in Command.

  cenable     Enables members to use clan commands.                 Clan Leader

  cdisable    Takes a clan command away from a member.              Clan Leader

  crelease    Release a member amicably from the clan.              Clan Leader

  cslay       Touch a member with the finger of death.              Clan Leader

  cstrip      Remove everything a member is wearing/carrying.       Clan Leader

  cabdicate   Allows Clan Master to turn over command of the clan   Clan Leader
              to another (new) Master.

  creport     Shows the condition of all members signed on          Clan Chief
              except self.                                          Clan Healer

  cvacancies  Shows a list of clan jobs.  Indicates which           Clan Chief
              jobs have been filled (and by whom) and which
              jobs are still vacant.

  chire       Hires a member to a job. (Commands need to be         Clan Chief
              enabled by the Master after hire.)

  cfire       Removes a member from a job.                          Clan Chief

  crank       Allows a Chief to set a member's rank.                Clan Chief

  ctoken      Creates a token which can be given to members         Clan Chief
              as rewards.                                           Clan Quest Master

  csmite      Smites an unruly clan member.                         Clan Chief

  cmarry      Allows a Chief to marry members of their clan         Clan Chief
              to each other. Both parties must be members.

  csummon     Allows a Captain to summon a clan member from         Castle Captain
              anywhere in the world to their office.

  csend       Allows a Captain to send a member to another          Castle Captain
              member's location.

  cissue      Allows a Captain to issue a warrant for a clan        Castle Captain
              member and send them off to jail.

  cheal       Heals anyone from anywhere, uses double mana          Castle Captain
              (triple mana if Healer is not the clan cleric).       Clan Healer
              Not to be used lightly just to assist someone
              who is trying to level, etc, but for special
              cases when someone really needs help.  If the
              person is on a quest, etc, the clan clerics
              should be with them and could cast the normal
              heal spell directly.

  cinvis      Allows only clan members to see the Master.           Castle Captain

  cinfo       Broadcast a message on the clan info channel.         Castle Captain

  csession    Brings a meeting to order, giving the speaker the     Castle Captain
              floor.  This prevents anyone else from talking        Clan Ombudsman
              until the floor has been passed to another.

  cadjourn    Adjourns the meeting.                                 Castle Captain
                                                                    Clan Ombudsman