Area building is done with Continents own area builder program, written by our code healer - Cap'n Rudder.

Continents supports Mobprogs and also has its own scripting system.

Almost all of the information previously contained on this page has been moved into the MCF (Make Continents Fast) help files

Read me first -- Area Building Pointers - A must read guideline for those wishing to build an area.
Make Continents Fast -- Download the Continents Area Building program - version 3.21b - version 3 release 2.1 beta (2,498,501)
The Continents Area Test Mud (the CAT Mud) is also included in this download.

See this important notice about MCF Help

Mob Scripts -- How to write Mob Scripts.
Points chart -- How many plusses may be added to equipment at various levels.
Dynamic Descriptions -- How to write Dynamic Descriptions. What they can do, etc.
The Art of Building -- A very good and comprhensive guide to building areas. -- This site seems to have disappeared...
Irony Games' Tools -- Includes generated maps for villages, taverns, dungeons and more. -- This site also seems to have disappeared...
A punctuation reference -- A good reference guide for proper usage of punctuation.